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<p>Putting the pieces of the puzzle together one step at a time…</p>
<p>Dynamic Safety L.L.C. is committed to arriving on the collision site as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours.</p>
<p>Using the physical evidence and facts obtained through our investigation, Dynamic Safety L.L.C. specializes in collision reconstruction.</p>


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About Us

The foundation of Dynamic Safety, LLC begins with the three principals who each have over 20 years of experience within their fields of expertise. In order to provide their clients with a greater array of expertise and services, these individuals joined together to form Dynamic Safety, LLC. Since 2003 Dynamic Safety, LLC has provided thorough, expert accident investigation and reconstruction services to attorneys, insurance companies, law enforcement agencies, government agencies and the transportation industry.

Our Services

At Dynamic Safety L.L.C., we offer consulting services in the fields of collision investigation and reconstruction involving virtually any kind of vehicle – including cars, light trucks, buses, commercial vehicles, trains, bicycles, RVs, ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles, industrial vehicles and off-road equipment. Our services also include collisions involving pedestrians.

EDR Examination

The application of "smart" vehicle technology is a rapidly growing area. No matter what the specific system or manufacturer name, these "smart" systems may contain data or in fact be an EDR (Event Data Recorder).

Evidence Storage

Dynamic Safety L.L.C. offers secure, inside storage for our clients’ evidence – including cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATV’s, bicycles and other vehicles in our nearly 9,000-square-foot facility.

Expert Instructors

Not only are the principals at Dynamic Safety L.L.C. experienced consultants, they are also experienced educators. They teach a variety of crash investigation, crash reconstruction and engineering classes.


At Dynamic Safety L.L.C., we are experts in training. We offer customized training modules for our clients on topics of their choice, including crash data (black box) retrieval, scene documentation and evidence collection.


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